08 January 2012


Hello Everyone!

Feels really weird to say this but we have finished the sophomore Bear Colony album. We have titled it "Soft Eyes." We hope that you love it as much as we do. Next up is mastering with Alan Douche at West West Side in NYC. That makes 6 studios, over 20 songs (some kept, some trashed), 3 states and 3 years worth of work. The plan is to release it on vinyl, disc and digitally in May. 

Thanks so much everyone of you for being a part of this very lengthy process. We look forward to getting it out into the world. Here is the final track listing:


01. We Don't Know Harm 01
02. Go Home To Something
03. Ladder To The Clouds
04. Badblood
05. Flask Retort
06. Monster
07. Cult Of No Sleep
08. Youth Orchestra
09. Lights On The Domestic
10. The Hysterics
11. I Sing Mountains
12. We Don't Know Harm 02
13. Break Bones