26 December 2010

repost from deerhunter / atlas sound blog

Work tapes for a song I made for my roommate David's annual Christmas compilation. Lockett also made a song, as well as David and Colin's band Hollow Stars and a bunch of other rad people. I think David is releasing it in the next few days. 

1. Artificial Snow (Notown Version)
2. Artificial Snow (Bedroom Version)
3. Artificial Snow (Rhythm Mix)
4. Artificial Snow (No Drums Mix)
5. Artificial Snow (Campfire Metallophone Version)

Instrumentation: Electric Bass and Jazzmaster through Fender Super Reverb, Drum Kit, Maracas, Weird African Tambourine, Xylophone, Metallophone, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Moog Rogue Synthesizer, Vocals

Recorded on Tascam DP-08 Portable Eight Track